Jesus loves me and I love Him.

My husband is freakin’ awesome…so in love with this man.

My baby is God’s gift, my joy, my love.

My family and friends who have become family through pure awesomeness, are my world.

I love my dog.

I also love the outdoors, books, crafts, lists, schedules and a healthy dose of self deprecation 😉

My goal for my readers is that you utter a “Me too!” or a “Thank God I’m not alone!”.

I educate parents for a living. I respect families…meaning I know every household is different and there is no one size fits all. You know you’re family better than anyone. No judgement or ‘mommy war’ from me.

***Disclaimer!*** I am not a psychologist, theologian, nutritionist, doctor or anything of the sort. My posts are purely based on my experiences and are to be only used as inspiration or as a way of not feeling so alone.


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