Questions to get to know your mom aka “A conversation with my mommy”

Laura: My favorite story is talking about you and school dances and you getting out on the floor and shaking your booty. I was so embarrassed!

Mama: Alright, that was your problem not mine.


And this my friends begins my conversation with my dear, goofball mama. I was telling her how I embarrass much more easily than her…and boy oh boy did she prove that! I love this lady…

In honor of Mothers Day (which has passed for many moons….but, you know, life…I decided to let the world get to know this lady who raised me. She’s pretty swell.

It’s a little long but so worth it. I love this lady. If you’d like to pull the questions to reference for a conversation with your own mommy, scroll down to the end!

By the way, you should read this in a southern accent….and begin!

oh yes and “Goofy” is my son…remember this?

Laura: [Goofy], you’re Grandma is a goon. I imagine I’ll probably embarrass Goofy too. So what would you tell your younger self as a younger mama with all that you know now.

Mama: Maybe the eating better thing. Y’all are better at feeding Goofy than I was. I mean as far as being careful about food. You know I was picky, but not like y’all.

L: She called us picky Goofy.

M: No! I mean picky in a good way. Of course, once y’all were able to eat table food, y’all ate table food, but I didn’t think about sugar and all that kind of stuff as much as y’all do.

L: What’s one piece of advice you’d give me?

M: Just loooove. Love him, love him, love him.

L: Well, I have no problem with that, so what else?

M: Try to cry in private. Whenever I cried over y’all, sometimes you knew I cried over you, but sometimes you didn’t know. Because sometimes you can’t tell your kid everything, everything you’re worried about.

L: So you don’t give them your fears? So he’s not scared of spiders? [insert laugh from husband] Or him falling and breaking his neck? Which is what I’m constantly scared about?

M: Well y’all know I worried about that kind of stuff all the time. I drove you nuts with that. You’d get mad at me, because I was worried about you.

L: I know, Goofy will probably get mad at me too.

M: I’d call you. “I’m okay mama, I’m okay!”

L: Well, I apologize about me getting annoyed, because now I get it.

M: Even though you got annoyed, I didn’t give up did I?

L:Nooo, you did not.

M: Well, you don’t give up. You just keep annoying.

L: How am I like you as a parent?

M: Just loving on him all the time.

L: It’s so easy! Look at this face! [insert squishy, cute face here]

M: I know! I couldn’t quit loving on y’all.

L: What do you wish you had as a mom then, that modern moms have now?

M: Well that high chair you have is pretty cool. We had to have a whole separate chair. (Thanks Aunt Katie and Target! Fisher-Price SpaceSaver High Chair ) The baby monitors. I think maybe they were around, but they were a lot of money. Oh and this technology! Us being able to [skype]. Us leaving in Arkansas, (my family is all in Georgia, Daddy was in the Air Force at this time) Mama and Daddy didn’t get to see Brad (my brother) much in his first couple of years. Except for when we’d come home for Christmas and in the summer. We didn’t have this (Skype). We were long distance. To talk, it would cost money. Big time. So we’d have to figure out if we could afford to call home. So only once in a blue moon. So [skype] is probably one of the best things. Of course when we were in Alabama, when you were born we got to go home all the time.

L: I love Skype. And Facebook Video Chat. What was the hardest thing about being a mama?

M: Letting go. That’s it. That’s the hardest.


L: Yep. Everything makes since now.


L: Tell me a joke!

M: A joke?? What did the big chimney say to the little chimney? You’re too little to smoke. I’m not a joke teller like daddy is you know.

L: Yea that’s why I thought this would be funny!

M: It wasn’t!

L: Was I cool kid or a big dork?

M: You were a little bit of both! Which is what I love about you.

L: Oh I’m a big dork and you can say it.

M: No! I said you were a little bit of both! You were goofy. But you were cool too! Seriously.

L: Well, you’re being partial. But I appreciate you thinking I was cool. Now would you describe ‘hip’ and ‘cool’ as a synonym? Which by me saying ‘hip’ makes me very ‘unhip’.

M: Well…no…

L: So I’m cool but not hip. Who’s your favorite? Me or Brad?

M: Uh! Neither one of y’all are my favorite! You’ll realize that too when you have another one!

L: I’ll find out when I have a second kid if you and Daddy LIED!

M: It is so true, Laura there is no way! Thorne, I bet your Mama would say the same thing. You can’t even begin to say you love one more than the other. It just doesn’t work that way.

L: What’s a memory that stands out from mine and Brad’s birth and beyond?

M: Riding the horses. That makes me smile. Those were good days. You and Brad riding off down trails and stuff. Going to rodeos, the cowboy days.

L: Oh the rodeos! I miss the rodeos.

M: Y’all hanging out with your buddies in the basement. All nighters with bonfires. And when y’all were little kids your firsts and everything. You dancing. Making those little movies. Brad working on his electronic stuff. He’d take things apart and put it back together. Yea those were good memories. Your plays, Brad’s wrestling. All those times when we were cheering you on, doing what you love to do.

L: What was your greatest quality as a mama? (She makes a face) Don’t worry it’s not bragging! You’ve gotta know your strengths.

M: Just enjoying y’all. Being happy that I had you.

L: Well that’s pretty huge. That’s no ‘just’. I remember you just being goofy. And you put experiences over making sure everything was, now a days we say ‘pinterest perfect’, but the equivalent of that time. You kept everything fun and silly. Me and Katie (my bff) could go play in the mud and you’d be okay with it. And take pictures and think it’s awesome. You celebrated weirdness. I like being weird so thank you for making me weird.

M: Well good, because like I said, just enjoying y’all. That was huge. You and Brad both are weird.

L: You did get mad at us every now and then for not doing our chores, but that wasn’t too often. It was mainly just playing games with us and being silly.

M: Well if I got mad, you started it right? (inside joke!)

L: That is true, that is true! How are you similar to and different from Grandmama as a mama?

M: Similar…because you know, Grandmama is goofy.

L: Yes. Lucille Ball.

M: I don’t know about different!

L: So basically you and Grandmama are the same person…

M: Kinda sorta I guess. Not exactly the same, a little different, but not THAT different.

L: What’s your favorite part about being a Grandma?

M: Awww. Getting to hold him and squeeze him and kiss him. And watch him grow.

L: So all the stuff you did with me and Brad.  How do you think how you were raised, effect your parenting style?

M: I understood the importance of family and being together…trips, hanging with the fam. Just family period.

L: What do modern mom’s have today, that you’re glad you didn’t have when you were a young mom?

M: Now this is a contradiction. I was saying it’s cool to have video chat. But on the flip side, there is too much technology. It consumes time, away from family.

L: What would you tell a modern mama why it would be important to stay away from technology? Not completely, because that’s impossible these days. Why is it important to stay away from it more and what would you tell us to do?

M: Don’t ever let it take time away from those you love.

L: We have “mom-guilt” now a days. Looking at other mom’s on pinterest, Facebook, instagram and we feel guilty for not doing as good as a job. Was “mom-guilt” a thing then?

M: You’ll always have your biddies saying something. “Oh I can’t believe you have that baby out when they’re only a month old!” That was about it. I didn’t have to worry about that. I was just like “well pbbbthh on you!” But I didn’t have to look at it everyday. Which is another reason why media isn’t all that great. To look at that stuff and make yourself feel guilty.

L: So we need to take some fasts from media every now and then?

M: Yea, and do this ‘pbbthh’!


There you have it! My mommy. Now go! Ask your mama some questions! Get to know her just a little bit more. Find some sage advice. What else would you ask? Add to my list!



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