5 Worship Songs For When Life is Good

I heard a quote…by who I don’t know…and I’m going to completely butcher this…just bare, bear stick with me here. Something a long the lines of, music is what my soul sounds like.

True, true words.

I have songs that make me think of hugging my husband, lazy saturday mornings with my family, and best friends. I have songs that help me through difficult times, confusing times and sad times. I have songs that cheer me up and get me dancing like a fool. When I say I love a song…you are listening to my soul. (My husband will tell you that is true, because I get reeeallly annoyed if you talk during my soul singing)

Songs about Jesus get me especially emotional. He is my Main Man so I love belting out a good love song to Him (joyful noise and NOT a beautiful sound). I love a good ‘help me Jesus’ ‘you’re here for me through everything’ ‘you are my rock during hard times’ songs. The worship arena is flooded with those for good reason. But what about the happy, Jesus is freaking awesome, shake my praisin’ booty songs? What about when things are pretty swell but I still want to let my soul sing?

Well here my friend are 5 of those such songs. I could definitely name more…but let’s just start here shall we?

  • King’s Kaleidoscope “I Know”
    • This is my funeral song. Yes, Yes I know, that sounds awfully morbid. But I know (see what I did there) when I get to Heaven, I’ll be shakin’ my booty with Jesus and I want y’all to do the same at my funeral!
  • Rend Collective “More Than Conquerors”
    • Just makes me want to do some karate dancing. Yea! Punch sin and shame!
  • David Crowder Band “Undignified”
    • Me dancing is QUITE the undignified affair. But I can’t help it when I listen to this song! At least I’m not pulling a David and dancing naked in the streets…
  • Citizens & Saints “How Great Thou Art”
    • I love me some hymns. Takes me back to my childhood when I first learned to love Jesus. Nature, check! Singing soul, check! Makes me sway like a tree, check!
  • Citizens & Saints “Made Alive”
    • Oh snap! They got two songs! Celebrating salvation with a catchy beat. What’s not to love?


Phil Wickham “You’re Beautiful”

This one got a bonus because it’s not a “dancy”, “jumpy” song. But if you could see me in my house, I do a little weird arm sway. So that counts right?  And it references worshipping God through appreciating nature. My soul.


Oh now this was a fun list. I really could just keep on going. What are your favorites?


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