The Ultimate Beginners Journey to Blogging (Part 2)

Coming in a week late? You can check out last weeks post here.

Lesson Learned:

Don’t get too ambitious

Doing two posts a night AND a task is way too ambitious. Instead I’ll work on my task on another day of the week. Then do my main post and then this short post.

Plan posts AT LEAST a week in advance

I’ve been coming up with my specific post ideas just before writing them (hopefully that doesn’t come across to terribly!) If I plan in advance, I can come up with stronger material and perhaps more pictures.

Still to do this week:

Figure out that darn menu

But seriously. Anyone know how to add posts to the menu? I’m utterly confused…

What I accomplished:

Blog Schedule

I feel good about my blogging schedule. Now I know the broad topics that will be written about each week. Ultimately, I want to narrow down my blog to something more specific, but until I can find my groove, this schedule will work for me.

Coming up tasks this month:

  1. add color
  2. social media schedule
  3. tweak tagline?

So yes…menu?



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