The Ultimate Beginners Journey into Blogging (Part 1)

I’m brand new into blogging. I’m loving it but I have no idea what I’m doing. Therefore, I have decided to do one extra post a week in order to share my journey….

Let’s be candid here. I’m trying to bring in some money. I know I’m not going to be bank rollin’,  but some extra cash to help out with my Dave Ramsey baby steps would be awesome…and the ultimate goal…stay home with my son. (So everyone, be nice to poor, pitiful, clueless me…hit share. No I’m kidding…but no really).

So without further ado…this is part 1 of my learning to blog series. What will follow are steps I have taken, things I’m learning and things I plan to do.

Show up

Advice I hear from multiple places about getting good at something and seeing success, is just showing up. I currently am saving up for my own domain so I can do this debt free (yea Dave!) My initial plan was to wait until I had the money and until I got good. Wait until I get good? Crazy talk. How can one get good without actually doing it? That was all just code word for fear. So I showed up! And now you get to suffer through my first pitiful posts.

Take one step at a time

Yowzers. There is so much information out there about blogging. Information overload! Made me want to chuck my computer across the room. Instead I made a plan in list form. I LOVE lists and plans. Nerding so hard. Each week I plan to accomplish 1 or 2 new things. (I’ll share those in a bit. Patience!)

Join a blogging Facebook group

I joined multiple groups, but my favorite so far has been Blog Beautiful. It’s so clean and simple and organized. Makes someone like me with noodle brain so happy. Us noodle brained folks need massive help. You can promo, seek advice, collaborate and motivate each other. A couple of weeks ago I posted a HELP! post. Several people looked at my blog and gave me great support and advice. (Notice any changes to my blog this week? If you do, you win a prize because they are very subtle. And the prize is a virtual high five. Score!)

Remove the Meta and Calendar

If you know what “Meta” is please tell me. That was what I was told to remove by Blog Beautiful folks, and I did. I was also told to remove the calendar. Oh and those were my changes this week. Sorry, no virtual high five prize. I gave the answer away…shucks…

Make a post schedule

I was writing very haphazardly. NO plan whatsoever. I would come upstairs on Tuesday nights, my chosen blogging nights, with no plan of what I was going to write. Just did some word vomit. (That’s an image) So I thought about my mission for this blog…to write about life, marriage, parenting, faith and imperfect moments. And I made a schedule of what I’ll write about each week. Consistency!

Upcoming plans…

I made a schedule for the month of May of just 1 or 2 things to do each week. These are my upcoming tasks…I’ll let you know how it goes!

  • fix my menu links…I have no idea what I’m doing here. This could take hours…
  • add some color…jazz up the site
  • make a social media schedule. Plan to do something on social media daily…oh I don’t understand social media. Just recently learned what hashtags do. This is going to be pitiful…
  • tweak my tagline? We’ll see
  • make sure my site is user friendly
  • continue to save up for my own domain

And that’s it folks! You who are just starting out in blogging or who are blogging gurus…what tips of the trade have you learned so far?


5 thoughts on “The Ultimate Beginners Journey into Blogging (Part 1)

  1. Hi, Laura! I love your writing style, if that helps any. 🙂 I’ve been at this since 2009 and I haven’t gotten my own place, YET! I see so many people moaning and groaning about troubles they have with server, plug-ins, down time, and so forth, that I cannot make myself do it.
    As for tips, since you are hoping to add color, etc., I get all the free photos I want at And they are not only cost-free, but also copyright-free, so you can just help yourself and never worry.
    If you were thinking of making a header, in your color-adding plans, take a look at, where it is easy, easy, easy to do!
    I’d be happy to help you get those two figured out, although they are so easy, I figured them out myself. Just holler (you have my email address, since I’m commenting here. 🙂
    Lastly, to communicate about the color you want, you need to know the hexadecimal number for it (usually shortened to hex number, but it just means six digits) To find this number for any color you like, go here:
    When you are working in Canva, you can make many of the elements any color you prefer, if you have that hex number for the color.
    Okay. Enough info overload! 😉 Have fun. And don’t hesitate to email me. 🙂


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