Our Easter with our 11 month old

I LOVE holidays.

The traditions, the anticipation, the activities…all of it. It makes me so very happy.

One of the things that make holidays so happy for me is that I take my personality, and my little families personality into account.

If you’re the type of person who finds joy in beautiful decorations, exciting parties, and picture perfect foods…then you SHOULD have beautiful decorations, exciting parties and picture perfect foods.

Or if you’re the type of person who finds joy in simplicity, taking things a little slower, and yummy but not necessarily pretty food, then you SHOULD have simplicity, a slower pace and yummy but not pretty food.

I’m the latter…with some special traditions thrown in. If it’s simple, I’m in.

Not one way is better than the other. You need to find what brings you and your family joy, not stress.

So after all that stuff that I know you (you being my non-existent readers) (just kidding…shout out to you fab 89) did not click on this link for…let’s talk about Easter with an 11 month old!


Easter is all about grace. Jesus died for our sins so we don’t have to. So what better way to celebrate Easter, than by giving yourself a little grace. I wanted to do an Easter craft, didn’t have time to buy the supplies. Wanted to make cinnamon rolls, again with the lack of time thing (yikes kid…you’re zapping the time right out of us!). Wanted to go to the Richmond Easter Parade but Goofy’s nap ran too long. All failed plans, but we gave ourselves grace. We couldn’t make it to the store, but it made for extra time of leisure play. We couldn’t make it to the parade but that made for a much happier, well rested kid.

We just practiced some shrugs and said….’ah well! Next year!’


I love going to our church. If we miss a Sunday I feel sad. Not out of guilt, but because I just love going. Easter for me is less about eggs (just ignore my cover photo…look away! look away!) bunnies (definitely no mall bunnies. Those things are creepy…) and candy (well not completely…). There is nothing wrong with any of that. I’d love to go hunt an egg…come on adult Easter egg hunt! And candy…come on. Just give me all the jelly beans. But my favorite part is celebrating Jesus. If you really REALLY think about the Holy Week, it’ll blow you away. I’ve heard this story since I was a wee one myself and am STILL speechless and in awe of what He went through for us.

So Harding wore an outfit that was already in his closet because I’m just a cheapskate. Go ahead, buy your kid a cute outfit for Easter. They all look so adorable. He spent time in nursery which he LOVES. And mom and dad got to spend some time worshiping our Savior. Perfect.

Reading the Easter Story

We have some adorable children’s Bibles. I would put a link to them on here, but they are currently in Goofy’s room, who is sound asleep. And I can’t recall the names to be able to look them up. Even though you 89 readers are very special, I WILL not go in there and wake him up. Maybe I’ll post a link later.

ANYhoo, throughout the week at bedtime, we read to him the story of the Holy Week. He does not comprehend it yet of course, but this is setting up a very special tradition.

Easter Festival

We did get a chance on Saturday to take Goofy to a family Easter event at a local park. He got to watch a science show, listen to a story teller under a bunny tree and sit to pick flowers. We also ventured over to the park’s petting zoo. He loved the pig! I was happy we got to squeeze in at least one festivity. And this mama was so happy with the outdoors and exercise. Two of my favorites!


It wasn’t much, but my heart felt so full by the end of the weekend. So do what brings you joy each holiday!

What are YOUR favorite Easter activities…do tell my fab 89! I should come up with a name for you..The Rockin’ 89…the 89 Stars? Oh stop me…I’m not good at this..



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