My Dog is a Cleaning Aid

I think it’s time that I post some more “Let’s all make fun of Laura”. Well, really I’m just hoping I’ll get some resounding, “ME TOO’S!”

As I’m gaining confidence in baring my soul to the World Wide Web, I’ll keep things light. My last post on laughing at my less than perfect moments was on the state of my dinner table. And then I laughed at myself again when I couldn’t post a picture.

Well today it’s about my dog. I love my dog. He’s a little dopey. But he’s MY dope. He’s named Winters after Major Winters. No offense to my dog, but he doesn’t live up to his namesake. If there is a slight sound that is out of the ordinary, he runs and hides in the closet. (This used to be quite a feat, but I organized the closet yesterday and the floor is now visible. Winters is very grateful) He has also been known to climb under the kitchen sink. He’s not a small dog.

Well my little dope had put on weight a few years back (sorry buddy) and we worked hard to help him get it off. After a few short weeks (the jerk) he worked it off. He was looking like quite the doggy stud. cropped-img_12681.jpg

Then my kid began eating solid food

This studly dog now waits for falling food  food FREELY GIVEN. My child is looking around for Winters, dropping food off the side and watching him eat it. He is holding out his food encrusted hand and letting Winters lick his hand clean.


But what’s worse? I let him. What’s even worse? I call Winters over when Harding is done eating to clean up his high chair.

I’m treating my dog like a vacuum.

I’m sorry Winters…I shall give you those couple of weeks to take off those pesky pounds.

And maybe stop treating you like a vacuum?



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