5 ways to show love to your spouse

These acts of love are not inspired by me but by my husband.

  • Text for no reason
    • Rarely does a morning go by that I don’t receive a text from Thorne. Sometimes it’s to tell me why he loves me, other times it’s to let me know an interesting tidbit from his morning or something to make me laugh. But it always puts a smile on my face. It puts bright spots into my work days.
  • Clean!
    • Thorne does not care about cleaning. But he knows that I have a hard time relaxing in a dirty environment. So he cleans out of respect for my needs and for just the respect of our household. To me it says: “I care about you and your peace of mind. I care about our family and I care about our home life”. Amazing how much a toilet brush and dish rag can say!
  • Help your spouse be still
    • Sometimes Most of the time, I get a little frantic about things that need to get done. I’m running around like a goon thinking I’m doing the world’s most important task because if I don’t, everything is going to fall apart and I’m going to fail everyone and if I fail everyone then that makes me a failure and then my kid is not going to be okay and no one will want to be my friend and I’ll never get this done and and and and…and then steps in Thorne. He stops me and hugs me. Initially I resist because naturally I need to do those so important tasks, but I sink in. And I feel secure, and calm, and at ease. Sometimes I just need a reminder of what is ACTUALLY important.
  • Listen to their boring stories
    • Okay, so I don’t think they’re boring. And if you asked Thorne, he would tell you that he doesn’t think they’re boring either. But honestly, we can’t all be passionate and excited about the same things. He will listen to me when I go on and on about the things that excite me. He even (gasp) responds and asks questions! I feel heard. I feel like I matter. He may not love the topic I’m talking about as much as I do, but he loves me. And to  him, that matters more.
  • Ask their opinion
    • So, we all have insecurities. One of mine is my intellect. When I was young, my innocence was often confused for being an airhead. I got made fun of and in turn it made me doubt my intelligence. A lot of things I’ve outgrown, but that one has stuck with me. But Thorne asks my opinion. And not just about day to day stuff like what to do about dinner or what laundry detergent we should buy. But real nitty gritty stuff. And the best part…he listens. He says ‘that’s a good idea’. Respect seems to be such a simple thing. But it’s the simplest things that make the greatest impact.

I’ve just listed 5 things here. Really I could go on and on. But as attention spans wane, I’ll draw this to a close. So go! Be your most loving! Smile, laugh and just be still.


***It has come to my attention (from my loving husband) that I only listed 4 things…that was a silly thing to do. But as I’m in the middle of feeding my son and getting ready for work…alas. This final 5th item will need to be kept a mystery until later this evening.***

200_s***And now the post is complete. Who thinks he was fishing for just one more nice thing said about him??







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