The Art of Laughing at Yourself.

My mission of this blog…is to first of all learn how to start a blog. I mean I have a tab labeled “mission”. That’s where this part of the post was intended to go. So clearly I have a ways to go. It’s why I got the free plan…the learning curve. (It’s a serious curve…I’m a millennial who has no idea how social media works.) If you’re reading this from the beginning hopefully you’ll be able to see how far I’ve come! Fingers crossed!

Back to the matter at hand…my mission. I’ve noticed and been so frustrated with all the negativity, the shaming, the downright meanness all over the internet. I want this little crumb of the internet to be a place for positivity, encouragement and kindness. And especially a healthy dose of self deprecation. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves!

(Hopefully once I’ve figured this thing out, I can actually post this under the ‘mission’ tab. Yeesh.)

So for today I want to do a little laughing at myself, a shake of my head, and more importantly, make you feel not quite as alone.

I would go over to people’s houses and think ‘How…how…is your house always so perfect, so clean, so pretty? But for real…how.” And you know what…more than likely…their house doesn’t always look like that. Which leads me to ahem…my kitchen table.

Now first, before I make my self look like a total buffoon…I am a little proud of my table. We used to eat meals camped out in front of the tv. But now that Little Goofy is eating big people food, we eat all our meals at the table. What a happy, hectic gift! And also sitting on the table is a bouquet of flowers that my dear husband got me when I had a rough day.

Now it’s time to make me look like a buffoon. Draped over our chairs is drying laundry, Thorne’s work stuff from the weekend, medicine for my sick hubs (no worries…out of babies reach), the camera and chalk board from Goofy’s 9 month photo shoot from 4 days ago. Thorne’s birthday presents and birthday paper plates from his parents visit 2 weekends ago, a baby monitor we no longer keep plugged in, and that bouquet of beautiful flowers? It’s now standing there dying. I have DEAD things on my table.

So if your table doesn’t have those things on it…pat yourself on the back. And maybe don’t tell me about it. But if this sounds like you, you’re not alone!! Sometimes errands take precedence (like it did tonight), taking a break takes precedence (like after 10 hour work days) or hanging out with those you love takes precedence (always).

But I really probably should do something about this mess….tomorrow…


***also…my child’s name is not Goofy. Just thought I’d give him a bit of privacy on the world wide web. And since that’s what I tend to call him on any given day…it will be Goofy…for now.***



3 thoughts on “The Art of Laughing at Yourself.

  1. My kitchen table (as well as the dining room table, the end tables, basically anything with a flat surface) seems to be calling for all sorts of daily items to be placed upon it … and to be left upon it until the one day when there is no longer an inch of space to be found; it is then that I break down and clear a few inches ….


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