Our Easter with our 11 month old

I LOVE holidays.

The traditions, the anticipation, the activities…all of it. It makes me so very happy.

One of the things that make holidays so happy for me is that I take my personality, and my little families personality into account.

If you’re the type of person who finds joy in beautiful decorations, exciting parties, and picture perfect foods…then you SHOULD have beautiful decorations, exciting parties and picture perfect foods.

Or if you’re the type of person who finds joy in simplicity, taking things a little slower, and yummy but not necessarily pretty food, then you SHOULD have simplicity, a slower pace and yummy but not pretty food.

I’m the latter…with some special traditions thrown in. If it’s simple, I’m in.

Not one way is better than the other. You need to find what brings you and your family joy, not stress.

So after all that stuff that I know you (you being my non-existent readers) (just kidding…shout out to you fab 89) did not click on this link for…let’s talk about Easter with an 11 month old!


Easter is all about grace. Jesus died for our sins so we don’t have to. So what better way to celebrate Easter, than by giving yourself a little grace. I wanted to do an Easter craft, didn’t have time to buy the supplies. Wanted to make cinnamon rolls, again with the lack of time thing (yikes kid…you’re zapping the time right out of us!). Wanted to go to the Richmond Easter Parade but Goofy’s nap ran too long. All failed plans, but we gave ourselves grace. We couldn’t make it to the store, but it made for extra time of leisure play. We couldn’t make it to the parade but that made for a much happier, well rested kid.

We just practiced some shrugs and said….’ah well! Next year!’


I love going to our church. If we miss a Sunday I feel sad. Not out of guilt, but because I just love going. Easter for me is less about eggs (just ignore my cover photo…look away! look away!) bunnies (definitely no mall bunnies. Those things are creepy…) and candy (well not completely…). There is nothing wrong with any of that. I’d love to go hunt an egg…come on adult Easter egg hunt! And candy…come on. Just give me all the jelly beans. But my favorite part is celebrating Jesus. If you really REALLY think about the Holy Week, it’ll blow you away. I’ve heard this story since I was a wee one myself and am STILL speechless and in awe of what He went through for us.

So Harding wore an outfit that was already in his closet because I’m just a cheapskate. Go ahead, buy your kid a cute outfit for Easter. They all look so adorable. He spent time in nursery which he LOVES. And mom and dad got to spend some time worshiping our Savior. Perfect.

Reading the Easter Story

We have some adorable children’s Bibles. I would put a link to them on here, but they are currently in Goofy’s room, who is sound asleep. And I can’t recall the names to be able to look them up. Even though you 89 readers are very special, I WILL not go in there and wake him up. Maybe I’ll post a link later.

ANYhoo, throughout the week at bedtime, we read to him the story of the Holy Week. He does not comprehend it yet of course, but this is setting up a very special tradition.

Easter Festival

We did get a chance on Saturday to take Goofy to a family Easter event at a local park. He got to watch a science show, listen to a story teller under a bunny tree and sit to pick flowers. We also ventured over to the park’s petting zoo. He loved the pig! I was happy we got to squeeze in at least one festivity. And this mama was so happy with the outdoors and exercise. Two of my favorites!


It wasn’t much, but my heart felt so full by the end of the weekend. So do what brings you joy each holiday!

What are YOUR favorite Easter activities…do tell my fab 89! I should come up with a name for you..The Rockin’ 89…the 89 Stars? Oh stop me…I’m not good at this..


My Dog is a Cleaning Aid

I think it’s time that I post some more “Let’s all make fun of Laura”. Well, really I’m just hoping I’ll get some resounding, “ME TOO’S!”

As I’m gaining confidence in baring my soul to the World Wide Web, I’ll keep things light. My last post on laughing at my less than perfect moments was on the state of my dinner table. And then I laughed at myself again when I couldn’t post a picture.

Well today it’s about my dog. I love my dog. He’s a little dopey. But he’s MY dope. He’s named Winters after Major Winters. No offense to my dog, but he doesn’t live up to his namesake. If there is a slight sound that is out of the ordinary, he runs and hides in the closet. (This used to be quite a feat, but I organized the closet yesterday and the floor is now visible. Winters is very grateful) He has also been known to climb under the kitchen sink. He’s not a small dog.

Well my little dope had put on weight a few years back (sorry buddy) and we worked hard to help him get it off. After a few short weeks (the jerk) he worked it off. He was looking like quite the doggy stud. cropped-img_12681.jpg

Then my kid began eating solid food

This studly dog now waits for falling food  food FREELY GIVEN. My child is looking around for Winters, dropping food off the side and watching him eat it. He is holding out his food encrusted hand and letting Winters lick his hand clean.


But what’s worse? I let him. What’s even worse? I call Winters over when Harding is done eating to clean up his high chair.

I’m treating my dog like a vacuum.

I’m sorry Winters…I shall give you those couple of weeks to take off those pesky pounds.

And maybe stop treating you like a vacuum?


5 ways to show love to your spouse

These acts of love are not inspired by me but by my husband.

  • Text for no reason
    • Rarely does a morning go by that I don’t receive a text from Thorne. Sometimes it’s to tell me why he loves me, other times it’s to let me know an interesting tidbit from his morning or something to make me laugh. But it always puts a smile on my face. It puts bright spots into my work days.
  • Clean!
    • Thorne does not care about cleaning. But he knows that I have a hard time relaxing in a dirty environment. So he cleans out of respect for my needs and for just the respect of our household. To me it says: “I care about you and your peace of mind. I care about our family and I care about our home life”. Amazing how much a toilet brush and dish rag can say!
  • Help your spouse be still
    • Sometimes Most of the time, I get a little frantic about things that need to get done. I’m running around like a goon thinking I’m doing the world’s most important task because if I don’t, everything is going to fall apart and I’m going to fail everyone and if I fail everyone then that makes me a failure and then my kid is not going to be okay and no one will want to be my friend and I’ll never get this done and and and and…and then steps in Thorne. He stops me and hugs me. Initially I resist because naturally I need to do those so important tasks, but I sink in. And I feel secure, and calm, and at ease. Sometimes I just need a reminder of what is ACTUALLY important.
  • Listen to their boring stories
    • Okay, so I don’t think they’re boring. And if you asked Thorne, he would tell you that he doesn’t think they’re boring either. But honestly, we can’t all be passionate and excited about the same things. He will listen to me when I go on and on about the things that excite me. He even (gasp) responds and asks questions! I feel heard. I feel like I matter. He may not love the topic I’m talking about as much as I do, but he loves me. And to  him, that matters more.
  • Ask their opinion
    • So, we all have insecurities. One of mine is my intellect. When I was young, my innocence was often confused for being an airhead. I got made fun of and in turn it made me doubt my intelligence. A lot of things I’ve outgrown, but that one has stuck with me. But Thorne asks my opinion. And not just about day to day stuff like what to do about dinner or what laundry detergent we should buy. But real nitty gritty stuff. And the best part…he listens. He says ‘that’s a good idea’. Respect seems to be such a simple thing. But it’s the simplest things that make the greatest impact.

I’ve just listed 5 things here. Really I could go on and on. But as attention spans wane, I’ll draw this to a close. So go! Be your most loving! Smile, laugh and just be still.


***It has come to my attention (from my loving husband) that I only listed 4 things…that was a silly thing to do. But as I’m in the middle of feeding my son and getting ready for work…alas. This final 5th item will need to be kept a mystery until later this evening.***

200_s***And now the post is complete. Who thinks he was fishing for just one more nice thing said about him??






Finding peace in the midst of road rage

My son had woken up the night before screaming, a nightmare maybe? Stayed up for an hour nursing, then still woke up at 6:30 just as I was sitting down with my breakfast to try to watch a few minutes of tv.

It was raining.

It was monday.

And I was sleepy…all culminating to me not feeling the happiest or the most charitable.

I was at a red light. The light had barely turned green, the car had not yet moved in front of me (rightfully so…since it had JUST turned green) when I hear a honk behind me. I see in my rearview mirror a man waving his hand angrily forward as if to say “GO GRANDMA!” (It actually looked like he was probably saying more choice words, but I’ll keep this blog G-Rated). As I moved forward when I was physically able to, the guy missed the light. As I looked back (should never do that…you’ll always be turned into a pillar of salt) the man was shooting me a bird.

Well that just hurt my feelings!

I couldn’t believe it. I didn’t do anything wrong. Nor did anyone else for that matter. Why was he so angry?

Didn’t he know I was someone’s daughter? Someone’s wife, mom and friend? Doesn’t he know that I’m a nice person and no one is to blame? (Except for maybe the city of Richmond, because it is an admittedly very short light)

As I pulled into my parking space at work,  I was still hurt and fuming. So as any good Christian, I began to pray.


And then I remembered an incident that happened a few years ago. I can’t recall what made this particular day so horrible, but I remember the feelings I felt. Out of control, sad, stressed and at my wits end. I got honked at, though this time it was justified as I didn’t notice the light turn green.

I immediately flipped them a bird.

Once I realized what I did, I pulled into a parking lot and cried. This wasn’t me. I’m kind to strangers. I’m a pretty positive person who loves Jesus. I don’t flip people off. But I just did, at a moment when I felt utterly defeated.

I thought about that man. I wondered what made him make that gesture to me. Maybe he got a bad medical diagnosis. Or he was on his way to a job interview after being out of work for a year. Maybe he felt alone, scared…defeated.

My prayer changed. I asked prayer that he could receive love that day. That whatever was making him miserable and angry would be covered over with peace.

If I was a perfect person, this would be the point where I’d say ‘The End’ to the story. I carried on with love for the rest of the day.

But I’m not perfect. I would think about that image in my rearview mirror and get mad all over again. (I tend to dwell on things if you haven’t noticed…) Thankfully Jesus is a patient Champ, and so consistently reminded me throughout the day, that what you see on the outside, isn’t always the entire story.


15 Things to do instead of cleaning

I do not enjoy cleaning. I enjoy a clean house. But I do not enjoy the act of cleaning it. Therefore, my house is often not clean. Logic.

I have carefully crafted a list of things to do instead of cleaning. I hope this helps you in your quest to clean less.

  1. Look at your dog.
  2. Pet your dog.
  3. Look at your baby.
  4. Pet hug your baby.
  5. Paint your nails.
  6. Look at your nails and think how you should probably paint them.
  7. Watch TV
  8. Brush your teeth (you should do this anyways)
  9. Daydream
  10. Take a bath
  11. Pick up your cleaning supplies, write your to do list, then get distracted by social media.
  12. Make shadow puppets
  13. Imagine scenarios where you get to play the hero/heroine
  14. Poke your husband with your foot.
  15. Practice your speech for the Oscars


Laughing at Blog failure

So for my first post I intended to take a picture. You know, to make it POP! It was a picture of my non pinterest, non instagram worthy table. So I took the picture! About a month ago…when I wrote the blog….that I didn’t want to publish yet…because I was nervous…I don’t know why. But then now I can’t find the picture. It’s nowhere. It’s in the digital abyss I suppose. So instead, feel free to post a beautiful picture of a “pinteresty” table and we’ll pretend it’s mine 🙂

The Art of Laughing at Yourself.

My mission of this blog…is to first of all learn how to start a blog. I mean I have a tab labeled “mission”. That’s where this part of the post was intended to go. So clearly I have a ways to go. It’s why I got the free plan…the learning curve. (It’s a serious curve…I’m a millennial who has no idea how social media works.) If you’re reading this from the beginning hopefully you’ll be able to see how far I’ve come! Fingers crossed!

Back to the matter at hand…my mission. I’ve noticed and been so frustrated with all the negativity, the shaming, the downright meanness all over the internet. I want this little crumb of the internet to be a place for positivity, encouragement and kindness. And especially a healthy dose of self deprecation. Sometimes we have to laugh at ourselves!

(Hopefully once I’ve figured this thing out, I can actually post this under the ‘mission’ tab. Yeesh.)

So for today I want to do a little laughing at myself, a shake of my head, and more importantly, make you feel not quite as alone.

I would go over to people’s houses and think ‘How…how…is your house always so perfect, so clean, so pretty? But for real…how.” And you know what…more than likely…their house doesn’t always look like that. Which leads me to ahem…my kitchen table.

Now first, before I make my self look like a total buffoon…I am a little proud of my table. We used to eat meals camped out in front of the tv. But now that Little Goofy is eating big people food, we eat all our meals at the table. What a happy, hectic gift! And also sitting on the table is a bouquet of flowers that my dear husband got me when I had a rough day.

Now it’s time to make me look like a buffoon. Draped over our chairs is drying laundry, Thorne’s work stuff from the weekend, medicine for my sick hubs (no worries…out of babies reach), the camera and chalk board from Goofy’s 9 month photo shoot from 4 days ago. Thorne’s birthday presents and birthday paper plates from his parents visit 2 weekends ago, a baby monitor we no longer keep plugged in, and that bouquet of beautiful flowers? It’s now standing there dying. I have DEAD things on my table.

So if your table doesn’t have those things on it…pat yourself on the back. And maybe don’t tell me about it. But if this sounds like you, you’re not alone!! Sometimes errands take precedence (like it did tonight), taking a break takes precedence (like after 10 hour work days) or hanging out with those you love takes precedence (always).

But I really probably should do something about this mess….tomorrow…


***also…my child’s name is not Goofy. Just thought I’d give him a bit of privacy on the world wide web. And since that’s what I tend to call him on any given day…it will be Goofy…for now.***