5 Worship Songs For When Life is Good

I heard a quote…by who I don’t know…and I’m going to completely butcher this…just bare, bear stick with me here. Something a long the lines of, music is what my soul sounds like.

True, true words.

I have songs that make me think of hugging my husband, lazy saturday mornings with my family, and best friends. I have songs that help me through difficult times, confusing times and sad times. I have songs that cheer me up and get me dancing like a fool. When I say I love a song…you are listening to my soul. (My husband will tell you that is true, because I get reeeallly annoyed if you talk during my soul singing)

Songs about Jesus get me especially emotional. He is my Main Man so I love belting out a good love song to Him (joyful noise and NOT a beautiful sound). I love a good ‘help me Jesus’ ‘you’re here for me through everything’ ‘you are my rock during hard times’ songs. The worship arena is flooded with those for good reason. But what about the happy, Jesus is freaking awesome, shake my praisin’ booty songs? What about when things are pretty swell but I still want to let my soul sing?

Well here my friend are 5 of those such songs. I could definitely name more…but let’s just start here shall we?

  • King’s Kaleidoscope “I Know”
    • This is my funeral song. Yes, Yes I know, that sounds awfully morbid. But I know (see what I did there) when I get to Heaven, I’ll be shakin’ my booty with Jesus and I want y’all to do the same at my funeral!
  • Rend Collective “More Than Conquerors”
    • Just makes me want to do some karate dancing. Yea! Punch sin and shame!
  • David Crowder Band “Undignified”
    • Me dancing is QUITE the undignified affair. But I can’t help it when I listen to this song! At least I’m not pulling a David and dancing naked in the streets…
  • Citizens & Saints “How Great Thou Art”
    • I love me some hymns. Takes me back to my childhood when I first learned to love Jesus. Nature, check! Singing soul, check! Makes me sway like a tree, check!
  • Citizens & Saints “Made Alive”
    • Oh snap! They got two songs! Celebrating salvation with a catchy beat. What’s not to love?


Phil Wickham “You’re Beautiful”

This one got a bonus because it’s not a “dancy”, “jumpy” song. But if you could see me in my house, I do a little weird arm sway. So that counts right?  And it references worshipping God through appreciating nature. My soul.


Oh now this was a fun list. I really could just keep on going. What are your favorites?

The Ultimate Beginners Journey to Blogging (Part 2)

Coming in a week late? You can check out last weeks post here.

Lesson Learned:

Don’t get too ambitious

Doing two posts a night AND a task is way too ambitious. Instead I’ll work on my task on another day of the week. Then do my main post and then this short post.

Plan posts AT LEAST a week in advance

I’ve been coming up with my specific post ideas just before writing them (hopefully that doesn’t come across to terribly!) If I plan in advance, I can come up with stronger material and perhaps more pictures.

Still to do this week:

Figure out that darn menu

But seriously. Anyone know how to add posts to the menu? I’m utterly confused…

What I accomplished:

Blog Schedule

I feel good about my blogging schedule. Now I know the broad topics that will be written about each week. Ultimately, I want to narrow down my blog to something more specific, but until I can find my groove, this schedule will work for me.

Coming up tasks this month:

  1. add color
  2. social media schedule
  3. tweak tagline?

So yes…menu?


Dear One, You are not alone.

There is a worship song I really love, Wasteland by Needtobreathe. In it is a line that must speak to all of us in some way,

“All of these people I meet
It seems like they’re fine
Yeah in some ways I hope that they’re not
And their hearts are like mine”

How often do we hold something about ourselves buried deep within us because we feel like we’re the only ones who feel this way or do this thing? It’s a lonely place to be.

My purpose of this post is not for everyone to feel sorry for me. The purpose is for that person or people out there who are private like me. And they are private because they are afraid to share what is in their hearts. I want to tell you, dear one, you are not alone. I started this blog with the intention to let everyone out there who is feeling pressure to be perfect, to know that there is no such thing. In whatever your struggle is, you are not alone.

I have a grave tendency to be overly private (yes and I’m writing a blog….weirdo here). My thought is usually that I don’t want to burden someone with my burden. Or that no one is going to want to pay attention long enough for me to share what is on my heart.

I can’t say why I am the way I am. Fall of man? Maybe in elementary school somebody made fun of me? Who knows. The point is, letting myself be vulnerable is a daily struggle. Even with my husband. Sometimes, if I want to make sure I’m real with someone, I’ll rehearse what I say before I see them. I make talking points in my head.

Does this sound familiar to you? You’re not alone.

Other times, I tell myself to have a heartfelt conversation with someone. To let them know the truer, sometimes darker me. Then I freeze up and just skim the surface with meaningless talk. Because, they don’t care or have time for what I have to say.

But that is a lie, my friend. I lie to myself, and the enemy lies to me.

Sound familiar? You’re not in this alone.

I wish I could say this is my only troublesome spot in my ever twirling mind. Alas, I have more spots like this. But I also have many gifts, talents and treasured parts of me.

And so do you. We’re not alone in that either.

Don’t make me…

It’s 9:11 pm. I worked all day. I just wrote a long post. Ugggg…don’t make me write another…my fingees are tired.

Love the whininess yes? Perhaps I should write my extra blogging blog post on a separate night…yawn! To watch the Office and eat leftover Easter candy I go! Peace!

The Ultimate Beginners Journey into Blogging (Part 1)

I’m brand new into blogging. I’m loving it but I have no idea what I’m doing. Therefore, I have decided to do one extra post a week in order to share my journey….

Let’s be candid here. I’m trying to bring in some money. I know I’m not going to be bank rollin’,  but some extra cash to help out with my Dave Ramsey baby steps would be awesome…and the ultimate goal…stay home with my son. (So everyone, be nice to poor, pitiful, clueless me…hit share. No I’m kidding…but no really).

So without further ado…this is part 1 of my learning to blog series. What will follow are steps I have taken, things I’m learning and things I plan to do.

Show up

Advice I hear from multiple places about getting good at something and seeing success, is just showing up. I currently am saving up for my own domain so I can do this debt free (yea Dave!) My initial plan was to wait until I had the money and until I got good. Wait until I get good? Crazy talk. How can one get good without actually doing it? That was all just code word for fear. So I showed up! And now you get to suffer through my first pitiful posts.

Take one step at a time

Yowzers. There is so much information out there about blogging. Information overload! Made me want to chuck my computer across the room. Instead I made a plan in list form. I LOVE lists and plans. Nerding so hard. Each week I plan to accomplish 1 or 2 new things. (I’ll share those in a bit. Patience!)

Join a blogging Facebook group

I joined multiple groups, but my favorite so far has been Blog Beautiful. It’s so clean and simple and organized. Makes someone like me with noodle brain so happy. Us noodle brained folks need massive help. You can promo, seek advice, collaborate and motivate each other. A couple of weeks ago I posted a HELP! post. Several people looked at my blog and gave me great support and advice. (Notice any changes to my blog this week? If you do, you win a prize because they are very subtle. And the prize is a virtual high five. Score!)

Remove the Meta and Calendar

If you know what “Meta” is please tell me. That was what I was told to remove by Blog Beautiful folks, and I did. I was also told to remove the calendar. Oh and those were my changes this week. Sorry, no virtual high five prize. I gave the answer away…shucks…

Make a post schedule

I was writing very haphazardly. NO plan whatsoever. I would come upstairs on Tuesday nights, my chosen blogging nights, with no plan of what I was going to write. Just did some word vomit. (That’s an image) So I thought about my mission for this blog…to write about life, marriage, parenting, faith and imperfect moments. And I made a schedule of what I’ll write about each week. Consistency!

Upcoming plans…

I made a schedule for the month of May of just 1 or 2 things to do each week. These are my upcoming tasks…I’ll let you know how it goes!

  • fix my menu links…I have no idea what I’m doing here. This could take hours…
  • add some color…jazz up the site
  • make a social media schedule. Plan to do something on social media daily…oh I don’t understand social media. Just recently learned what hashtags do. This is going to be pitiful…
  • tweak my tagline? We’ll see
  • make sure my site is user friendly
  • continue to save up for my own domain

And that’s it folks! You who are just starting out in blogging or who are blogging gurus…what tips of the trade have you learned so far?

Our Easter with our 11 month old

I LOVE holidays.

The traditions, the anticipation, the activities…all of it. It makes me so very happy.

One of the things that make holidays so happy for me is that I take my personality, and my little families personality into account.

If you’re the type of person who finds joy in beautiful decorations, exciting parties, and picture perfect foods…then you SHOULD have beautiful decorations, exciting parties and picture perfect foods.

Or if you’re the type of person who finds joy in simplicity, taking things a little slower, and yummy but not necessarily pretty food, then you SHOULD have simplicity, a slower pace and yummy but not pretty food.

I’m the latter…with some special traditions thrown in. If it’s simple, I’m in.

Not one way is better than the other. You need to find what brings you and your family joy, not stress.

So after all that stuff that I know you (you being my non-existent readers) (just kidding…shout out to you fab 89) did not click on this link for…let’s talk about Easter with an 11 month old!


Easter is all about grace. Jesus died for our sins so we don’t have to. So what better way to celebrate Easter, than by giving yourself a little grace. I wanted to do an Easter craft, didn’t have time to buy the supplies. Wanted to make cinnamon rolls, again with the lack of time thing (yikes kid…you’re zapping the time right out of us!). Wanted to go to the Richmond Easter Parade but Goofy’s nap ran too long. All failed plans, but we gave ourselves grace. We couldn’t make it to the store, but it made for extra time of leisure play. We couldn’t make it to the parade but that made for a much happier, well rested kid.

We just practiced some shrugs and said….’ah well! Next year!’


I love going to our church. If we miss a Sunday I feel sad. Not out of guilt, but because I just love going. Easter for me is less about eggs (just ignore my cover photo…look away! look away!) bunnies (definitely no mall bunnies. Those things are creepy…) and candy (well not completely…). There is nothing wrong with any of that. I’d love to go hunt an egg…come on adult Easter egg hunt! And candy…come on. Just give me all the jelly beans. But my favorite part is celebrating Jesus. If you really REALLY think about the Holy Week, it’ll blow you away. I’ve heard this story since I was a wee one myself and am STILL speechless and in awe of what He went through for us.

So Harding wore an outfit that was already in his closet because I’m just a cheapskate. Go ahead, buy your kid a cute outfit for Easter. They all look so adorable. He spent time in nursery which he LOVES. And mom and dad got to spend some time worshiping our Savior. Perfect.

Reading the Easter Story

We have some adorable children’s Bibles. I would put a link to them on here, but they are currently in Goofy’s room, who is sound asleep. And I can’t recall the names to be able to look them up. Even though you 89 readers are very special, I WILL not go in there and wake him up. Maybe I’ll post a link later.

ANYhoo, throughout the week at bedtime, we read to him the story of the Holy Week. He does not comprehend it yet of course, but this is setting up a very special tradition.

Easter Festival

We did get a chance on Saturday to take Goofy to a family Easter event at a local park. He got to watch a science show, listen to a story teller under a bunny tree and sit to pick flowers. We also ventured over to the park’s petting zoo. He loved the pig! I was happy we got to squeeze in at least one festivity. And this mama was so happy with the outdoors and exercise. Two of my favorites!


It wasn’t much, but my heart felt so full by the end of the weekend. So do what brings you joy each holiday!

What are YOUR favorite Easter activities…do tell my fab 89! I should come up with a name for you..The Rockin’ 89…the 89 Stars? Oh stop me…I’m not good at this..


My Dog is a Cleaning Aid

I think it’s time that I post some more “Let’s all make fun of Laura”. Well, really I’m just hoping I’ll get some resounding, “ME TOO’S!”

As I’m gaining confidence in baring my soul to the World Wide Web, I’ll keep things light. My last post on laughing at my less than perfect moments was on the state of my dinner table. And then I laughed at myself again when I couldn’t post a picture.

Well today it’s about my dog. I love my dog. He’s a little dopey. But he’s MY dope. He’s named Winters after Major Winters. No offense to my dog, but he doesn’t live up to his namesake. If there is a slight sound that is out of the ordinary, he runs and hides in the closet. (This used to be quite a feat, but I organized the closet yesterday and the floor is now visible. Winters is very grateful) He has also been known to climb under the kitchen sink. He’s not a small dog.

Well my little dope had put on weight a few years back (sorry buddy) and we worked hard to help him get it off. After a few short weeks (the jerk) he worked it off. He was looking like quite the doggy stud. cropped-img_12681.jpg

Then my kid began eating solid food

This studly dog now waits for falling food  food FREELY GIVEN. My child is looking around for Winters, dropping food off the side and watching him eat it. He is holding out his food encrusted hand and letting Winters lick his hand clean.


But what’s worse? I let him. What’s even worse? I call Winters over when Harding is done eating to clean up his high chair.

I’m treating my dog like a vacuum.

I’m sorry Winters…I shall give you those couple of weeks to take off those pesky pounds.

And maybe stop treating you like a vacuum?